Kolipsi Corpus Family


The Kolipsi Corpus Family is a collection of Italian and German learner texts that were collected in the course of the KOLIPSI project in 2007/2008 (Kolipsi-1) and a follow-up study in 2014/2015 (Kolipsi-2). The aim of the original project and the follow-up study was to analyse the second language competences of South-Tyrolean pupils from upper secondary schools (between 16-18 years old), and to contextualize the results of such investigation by commenting on crucial sociolinguistic and psychosocial aspects that influence it. The results of the follow-up study should be compared to the results of the original KOLIPSI project. All sub-corpora of the Kolipsi Corpus Family contain manually performed transcription annotations. Transcription annotations reflect surface features of the text, such as the graphical arrangement, and include error annotation on the orthographic level. In addition to that, all texts were automatically annotated, adding tokenisation, sentence splitting, POS-tagging and lemmatization using an orthographically corrected target version of the corpus.

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